5 Gift Ideas for Instructional Designers

From books to tools, here are 5 tempting gift ideas.

“Visual Design Solutions: Principles and Creative Inspiration for Learning Professionals” – how to create captivating
E-learning presentations that facilitate learning
“Show Your Work: The Payoffs and How-To’s of Working Out Loud” – simple techniques to make communicating work part of everyday practice
“Portable Touchscreen Monitor” – USB powered and …


The Anatomy of Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy has been the definitive guideline in designing educational objectives and goals for decades. Created in 1956 by Benjamin Bloom and a group of collaborators, the framework has become synonymous with developing measurable learning objectives. Although Bloom’s original document includes three separate taxonomies, many educators and instructional designers are most familiar with Bloom’s Taxonomy …


Looking Back: 8 Tools We Loved to Use in 2013

What tools and applications made your life easier in 2013? Well, the instructional design community gathered together to talk about their favorite applications for both professional and personal use during 2013 and they came up with this nifty list.